I have been a patient of Jill’s for several years.  I had open heart surgery about 2 1/2 years ago when I was 47.  My heart is fantastic, yet I suffered severe Ulner nerve damage in my right arm.  I was completely debilitated by the severe pain.  I pursued traditional medical treatments.  After numerous tests, treatments, medications and a surgery, my doctors told me there was nothing else they could do!  I was unable function.

That is when I turned to acupuncture and Jill.  She explained the process and said it would take time.  I was not a true believer.  Soon, I was walking out of her office pain free!  I am now a true believer in Jill’s skills and knowledge.

Jill saved my sanity and life.  I continue to visit.  The pain remains, yet it is manageable.  My health insurance covers part of the cost as well.  Jill has accomplished through acupuncture what a hoard of doctors and medications could not!  I owe Jill my gratitude and respect for a lifetime.

-N. Stroup